Look to the grocers for COD

You have a very good website.

Your products are many and very well priced (read:discounted well enough).

I have been buying from you by credit card for a long, long time. Just recently, I made the mistake of ordering by COD.

The shipment was charged an extra Rs. 40 although it was delivered on the promised date. So what’s the problem?

There were a few and they bear listing out so you can handle them in depth.

1. I didn’t have change. The delivery man when asked for changed replied “We make so many deliveries. How do you expect me to have change for everyone?”[ This was not said very politely]

2. When I insisted that I didn’t have change, he reluctantly pulled out the credit card swiping machine and showed me that it did not have a signal, all the while getting more and more impatient.

3. I finally scrounged through several purses and got the change necessary. Can we shrug and say, “deal with it”?

No! E-commerce in India is already struggling to make major in-roads. In such a situation, “chalta hai” attitude will not fly.

For heaven’s sake, just follow the example of my grocer who does as many deliveries in the neighbourhood and always send change with his delivery boy to the nearest Rs. 500. It’s simple to count the cash doled out at the end of the day. Outsourcing to local delivery companies should not hinder this process.

Also, it would pay to educate the delivery guys the proper behavior expected from a Flipkart.com. I thought you had already licked the logistics problem. It is disconcerting to see these lapses.

This is not only you. Myntra.com guys, though very polite, never carry change. Neither do Jabong.com! Are all of you interested in surviving in this market?


I haven’t ordered from Amazon.in with the COD approach yet. I will try that and let you know my experience.

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