Commute listening : July 12th 2016

Author of the day: Eric Weiner

There are a couple of books by this wonderful, quirky and humorous writer.

1. The Geography of Bliss

I read the above about 10 years ago and it is all about where are people happiest in the world. Yes, money is involved with happiness but interestingly boredom plays a part too. A must read because it costs you next to nothing in the US.

2. The Geography of Genius

I am listening to the Audible version during my commute and it is hilarious. I do get strange looks by people thinking I am a bit of a crank. Can’t fault them really.

Podcast of the day

Nice Podcast on Simple Rules to run your business operation. It is really hard to make an entire business run on simple rules but the author makes a nice pitch for it. Buy this book from Amazon.

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