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Corruption in cricket

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

yaar….i have seen it all…these guys have all sold out. By the way, what makes you think the Aussies and the English are not in this also. Cronje was killed because of this.

the above is a statement that is all too common nowadays. Have we had too much cricket? Is there a conspiracy against Pakistan by the CIA? You will hear more of this stuff too, I am afraid.

However, the simple fact is that the News of the World , a rag famous for catching out celebrities in uncomfortable positions has got a video with Pakistani players accepting cash for spot fixing .  So far, it seems like the ICC is going about it slowly as Scotland Yard is also involved. There seems to be no conspiracy to me.

This is particularly damning because Mr. Asif has been suspended before for doing illegal drugs. Now that Yasir Hameed has come out with more of an expose with the same paper( are these guys really looking to commit career suicide? ), the only conspiracy seems to be in the Pakistani team as to who is the dumbest of them all.

I would not be surprised if some sort of harmless spots get fixed routinely. After all, rumor has it that in IPL, the amount of illegal gambling in Mumbai and Delhi easily tops 200 million dollars.

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